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Intro to InVibe

By Hannah Cloe

Wed Mar 15 2017

inVibe is the world’s first and only voice-response research platform created exclusively for the healthcare industry.

That means we help marketing agencies, drug manufacturers, and other industry stakeholders get the quantitative and qualitative insights they need from physicians, patients and payers to create and develop great campaigns, products and services.

inVibe co-founders Fabio Gratton and Jeremy Franz set out to solve a problem they had faced time and time again in their strategic roles at healthcare ad agencies.

“As a former agency guy, it was frustrating working on projects and not being able to get insights from patients or doctors because there wasn’t enough time or budget or both. There are some services that help conduct straight-up quantitative surveys, but they are terrible for getting qualitative responses. Coordinating phone interviews is time-intensive. Conducting focus groups is complex and often cost-prohibitive. So essentially there was this big gap — and now inVibe fills it.” -Gratton

Incumbents in the market research space tend to fall in one of two buckets:

  • Traditional companies that approach projects with a high degree of rigor across a wide range of methodologies. Their costs are high and they take several weeks to execute.
  • Do-it-yourself online survey companies that offer high speed and low cost, but oftentimes their clients have to settle for scratching the surface of insights.

Our goal at inVibe was to take the best aspects of both of these approaches and create market research that delivers rich insights while removing friction at every user touch-point.

How does it work? It’s simple.

You tell us who you want to talk to, what you want to show them, and what you want to ask — that’s it! In less than 24 hours your research will be complete and you’ll be able to login and listen to people’s answers.

“Our goal is to make it possible for companies to start projects on Monday morning and have qualitative data by the end of the day. We do that.” -Gratton

inVibe has created one of the world’s most comprehensive panels, with the ability to reach patients and physicians across hundreds of health conditions and specialties, including rare diseases, and we’ve connected them to our lightning-fast voice-response mobile platform — so that now you can get real answers, real fast, from the people that matter most.

All the responses are transcribed in real-time with 99% accuracy, and our machine learning analytics engine provides an additional layer of insights through natural language and voice signal processing.

In addition, the inVibe platform is designed to meet the highest standards of pharmaceutical compliance — including adverse event reporting and privacy protection.

Individuals from some of the world’s leading healthcare organizations are already using inVibe to gather insights from customers in a whole new way. If you’re one of them, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trusting us with your critical research needs. We are honored to have been a part of your ideation and strategy development — and grateful to have been able to bring the true voice of the customer to you and your team.

If you haven’t experienced research with inVibe, contact us.

We’d love to help you get rich qualitative insights from your target audience without the hassle of scheduling interviews or conducting focus groups — at a fraction of the cost and time.

Thanks for reading!

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