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Redefining Qualitative Research

inVibe is transforming market research for life science companies by making data collection more efficient, analysis more effective, and insights more actionable.

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THREAD Acquires inVibe to Integrate Voice of the Participant and Broaden Clinical Trial Design and Research Capabilities

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Unlock Insights from the Voice of

inVibe’s automated voice-interview platform captures and decodes rich voice data for deeper customer insights.

Medical, HEOR & Market Access

inVibe provides solutions to address a broad range of needs for medical, HEOR and market access teams

Real-World Evidence Studies

Longitudinal Studies

Burden of Disease

Unmet Needs

Patient Voice

Patient Reported Outcomes

Patient Preference

Planning, Business Intelligence & Commercial

inVibe helps life science companies gain valuable insights at every step of the product lifecycle

Patient & HCP Journey

Longitudinal Voice Tracking

Concept, Message and Ad Testing

TPPs and ATUs

Conference Feedback

Virtual Ad Boards

Trial Protocol Evaluation

Ad Agencies, Research Firms & Consultants

inVibe helps service providers collect in-depth, high-impact qualitative customer insights in days

New Business

Communication Testing

Market Landscape

Stakeholder Interviews

Emotion Insight Mapping

Web/App Assessment

Brand Planning

What is Deep Listening?

Science that Uncovers the Unique Value in Voice

There is a wealth of scientific study surrounding speech and language in health. inVibe has unlocked the combined power of machine learning algorithms and human expert analysis for healthcare researchers. Our approach is truly giving research a voice.

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inVibe has partnered with Rare Patient Voice to bring you a platform that captures the patient experience in a whole new way. We’ve collected the real voices of patients and healthcare providers across 15 conditions and specialities to bring you rich data and insights that can help your team develop solutions that are data-driven and patient-centric.

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The Language Experts

inVibe’s analysis team is comprised of linguistic experts and strategic researchers who bring a passion for language, a knack for problem solving, and a carefully trained ear to help you listen deeper.

Beth Baldys

Beth Baldys

Tripp Maloney

Tripp Maloney

Christopher Farina

Christopher Farina

Brendon O'Connor

Brendon O'Connor

Janine Karo

Janine Karo

Emily Fisher

Emily Fisher

Supporting the World’s Leading Healthcare Organizations

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