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Case Study

Understanding Physicians’ Roles in Diagnostic Brand Decisions

Client Goal

To support their fieldforce engagement strategy, a diagnostics company sought to better understand the role of physicians at the point-of-care in driving diagnostic brand selection.

Objective 1

Understand whether physicians believe that there are meaningful differences between diagnostic brands.

Objective 2

Explore physicians’ brand preferences and drivers of specific brand choices.

Objective 3

Determine whether physicians are willing and able to advocate for the use of specific diagnostic brands at the point-of-care.

The inVibe Solution

inVibe’s Decision Driver solution allowed our diagnostics client to quickly and efficiently deploy a voice-powered research study to determine the level of influence—and engagement—physicians have in diagnostic brand selection.

1. Collect

Within a few days, inVibe screened and recruited 20 physicians who regularly order diagnostic tests for their patients. The physicians participated in an automated phone interview on their computers or smart phones, responding to questions simply by speaking.

Key Questions


Consider your personal role when it comes to using a specific company’s diagnostic screening test. Do you typically have a choice in the selection of diagnostic screening brands the lab uses when performing tests on behalf of your patients?


Have you ever gone out of your way to advocate for the use of a specific brand of diagnostic screening tests? Why or why not? And if so, what inspired you to do so?


Which brand of diagnostic screening tests do you request most frequently on behalf of your patients? Is there another option that you would prefer to use? If so, why? Do your patients influence this decision? If no, who is most influential in your decision?

2. Analyze

inVibe’s analysts leveraged their language expertise and advanced NLP tools to process, evaluate and analyze multiple aspects of each response, including content, language, and emotion derived from speech-emotion recognition, allowing for deeper insights, faster.

What is Said

Summarize and categorize the content and themes.

How it’s Said

Identify the language patterns and construction.

How it Sounds

Utilize machine learning and acoustic technology to assess the emotionality.

3. Deliver

The client was provided with an interactive report via an online dashboard, along with the voice data, transcripts, and a high-level analysis. An in-house analyst walked the client through the most meaningful data, supporting each insight with specific voice data.


Clients have access to drag & drop tools to instantaneously create kinetic text animations from transcripts for internal sharing.

Audiograms visual


inVibe delivers self-guided interactive stories assembled from transcripts, audio, and charts – annotated with high-level expert observations.

Listening Labs visual


inVibe’s team of in-house analysts and language experts walk clients through the insights and recommendations derived from the research.

Expert Analysis visual
Report Example visual

Key Insights & Recommendations

Based on the insights, inVibe recommended that the team take strategic actions:


Focus salesforce outreach on physicians who serve in leadership positions. This segment is uniquely positioned to influence brand selection at their institutions.


Drive engagement by making the most of short representative interactions—send information or agendas via email ahead of time, using face-to-face visits to answer questions and build relationships.

Where are they now?

Our client used the research to identify a previously misunderstood aspect of decision-making: the leadership role of individual physicians within their practice.

Today our client is actively pursuing engagement strategies with clinicians in leadership positions, to drive actionable brand changes at the practice level. This has allowed for a more precise and effective use of resources than a blanket approach across all physicians.

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