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Capturing Patient and Care Partner Voices to Leverage for DTC Marketing Efforts

Client Goal

To support DTC marketing efforts, our client wished to better understand the Parkinson’s Disease patient and care partner journey, along with their unmet needs, and identify individuals who would be interested in sharing their stories via video.

Objective 1

Capture patient/care partner stories to socialize internally, support pre-launch strategies, and publish for marketing communications (e.g. website, emails, social media)

Objective 2

Identify patients and care partners who have consented & opted-in to be recontacted to participate in a larger engagement with the agency (e.g. video shoot)

The inVibe Solution

inVibe’s Customer Stories solution allowed our agency & pharmaceutical client to quickly and efficiently deploy a voice-powered inititaive to support marketing efforts, and identify specific Parkinson’s Disease patients and care partners for their DTC campaign.


inVibe screened and recruited 20 Parkinson’s Disease patients and care partners, who signed consent forms allowing use of their voices for marketing communications, as well as to be recontacted for a future marketing campaign. The patients and care partners participated in an automated phone interview on their computers or smart phones, responding to questions simply by speaking.

Key Questions


Please describe how your or your loved one’s condition impacts your day-to-day life. What frustrations or challenges do you experience? And what have you done to adjust to these challenges?


Take a moment to describe how you or your loved one currently manage this condition, including any medical treatments. How did you or your loved one and doctor decide on this approach?


Thinking about how other people talk about your or your loved one’s condition, what are some words or perceptions that make you cringe? What do you wish people wouldn’t say?


Within hours of the initial responses being received, the client was provided access to an interactive online dashboard, consisting of voice data and associated transcripts. They were immediately able to start listening, favorite and tag the most impactful audio clips, share voice clips internally, and identify those indivuduals for campaign follow-ups.

Where are they now?

Our client used the stories to learn more about the Parkinson’s Disease journey, and identify powerful patient and care partner stories to share with the broader community.

Today our client is working with the identified Parkinson’s Disease patients and care partners, building a new marketing campaign including their voices and videos.

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