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Use Case

Customer Journey Inflection Points

Case Study

Understanding the Patient Journey to Better Support and Communicate Before and At Launch

Client Goal

In preparation for launch for a new dermatologic treatment, our client sought to understand the condition through the eyes of the patient to better support and communicate with them.

Objective 1

Understand the patient diagnosis & treatment journey, including the emotional, physical, social, and financial impact of the condition

Objective 2

Reveal the relationship patients have with their dermatologists and what, if anything, they would change or improve

Objective 3

Uncover the role dermatologists play in the treatment journey, including the typical paths for treatment, and reasons patients discontinue

The inVibe Solution

inVibe’s Customer Journey Inflection Points solution allowed our pharmaceutical client to quickly and efficiently deploy a voice-powered research study to obtain a robust understanding of patient stories regarding their experiences.

1. Collect

Within 48 hours, inVibe screened and recruited 30 patients who were diagnosed with the dermatologic condition across different stages of their journey. The patients participated in an automated phone interview on their computers or smart phones, responding to questions about their journey simply by speaking.

Key Questions


What is it like living with your condition? How has it impacted your daily life?


How well does your dermatologist understand what it’s like to live with your condition? What is one thing you wish you could tell them to help them better appreciate or understand your experience?


What goes through your mind when you hear about a new treatment for your condition? What expectations do you have for new treatments?

2. Analyze

inVibe’s analysts leveraged their language expertise and advanced NLP tools to process, evaluate and analyze multiple aspects of each patient’s response, including content, language, and emotion derived from speech-emotion recognition, allowing for deeper insights, faster.

What is Said

Summarize and categorize the content and themes.

How it’s Said

Identify the language patterns and construction.

How it Sounds

Utilize machine learning and acoustic technology to assess the emotionality.

3. Deliver

The client was provided with an interactive report via an online dashboard, along with the voice data, transcripts, and a high-level analysis. An in-house analyst walked the client through all of the most meaningful data, supporting each insight with specific voice data.


Clients have access to drag & drop tools to instantaneously create kinetic text animations from transcripts for internal sharing.

Audiograms visual


inVibe delivers self-guided interactive stories assembled from transcripts, audio, and charts – annotated with high-level expert observations.

Listening Labs visual


inVibe’s team of in-house analysts and language experts walk clients through the insights and recommendations derived from the research.

Expert Analysis visual
Report Example visual

Key Insights & Recommendations

Based on the insights, inVibe recommended that the team take three strategic actions as they prepared for launch.

Support Healthier Conversations

Conversations are key. Creating a discussion guide could help grow conversational space for discussion of the emotional impact of the condition and increase physician urgency to treat.

Collect Patient Testimonials

Be prepared to show proof. Being armed with patient testimonials may help combat the skepticism patients have about treatment efficacy and encourage them to seek help.

Boost Awareness

Don’t wait for launch. Consider starting with an unbranded campaign or other ways to create buzz about a new treatment as a way to get patients back into the office.

Where are they now?

Our client used the research to start unbranded campaigns and plan for post-launch messaging, as well as have a clearer vision for their patient target groups.

Today our client is nearing launch armed with patient-centric materials, and will be working with inVibe to track reception of their campaigns, as well as patients’ experience with the treatment and barriers to use

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