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Deep Listening Solutions for Life Science Leaders

inVibe’s platform is built on the backbone of a proprietary, innovative, automated voice-response technology that enables people to tell their stories anytime, anywhere.


Early Launch

Late Market

Listening Applications Across the Entire Product Lifecycle

inVibe gives every research project a voice through the combined power of frictionless data collection, machine learning algorithms and language expert analysis.

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Market Research

Real-World Evidence

Automated Voice Interviews




Market Research for the Age of Voice

inVibe decodes linguistic & acoustic signals for deeper customer insights to bring the missing voice to your market research studies.

Patient Journey Map

Concept, Message & Ad Testing

Market Assessment

Voice Tracker

Conference Intelligence

Virtual Ad Boards

Physician-Patient Dialogue Simulation

Lexicon Style Guide

inVibe Report example




Evidence Generation for the Real World

An innovative evidence generation platform enabling timely data collection at each stage of product development and commercialization.

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Real-Time Interactive Dashboard for Customer-Centric Organizations

Instant access to coded audio files, annotated transcripts, and expert analysis.

Soundtrack (Playable Stories)

Downloadable Audio

Downloadable Transcripts

inVibe Dashboard Example

Advanced Search

Acoustic Metrics

Interactive Crosstabs

Supporting the World’s Leading Healthcare Organizations

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