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Use Case

Concept / Message Testing

Case Study

The Best of Both Worlds: Mixing Quantitative and Voice for Concept Testing

Client Goal

As part of a new marketing effort, the pharmaceutical client sought to evaluate and refine draft advertisements with the goal of determining which concept was the most well received and uncover why.

Objective 1

Capture physician reactions to concepts.

Objective 2

Assess Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Objective 3

Determine how concepts can be improved.

The inVibe Solution

inVibe’s Concept / Message Testing solution allowed our pharmaceutical client to quickly and efficiently deploy a mixed methods (quantitative + voice) research study to gauge physician perceptions and reactions to key concepts.

1. Collect

Within 72 hours, inVibe screened and recruited 50 neurologists. The neurologists completed a mixed methods engagement, with all reviewing three concepts on their computers or smartphones and completing a brief quantitative survey, immediately followed by a subset participating in an automated phone interview, responding to questions about the concepts simply by speaking.

Key Questions


What are your initial thoughts and reactions to [Concept A]?


What does [Concept B] convey about this therapy?


How unique, compelling, and motivating is [Concept C]?


Which concepts motivate you the most to use this treatment, and why?

2. Analyze

In addition to quantitative analysis, inVibe’s analysts leveraged their language expertise and advanced NLP tools to process, evaluate and analyze multiple aspects of each physician’s response, including content, language, and emotion derived from speech-emotion recognition, allowing for deeper insights, faster.

Quantitative Assessment

Key rankings and ratings

What is Said

Summarize and categorize the content and themes.

How it’s Said

Identify the language patterns and construction.

How it Sounds

Utilize machine learning and acoustic technology to assess the emotionality.

3. Deliver

The client was provided with an interactive report via an online dashboard, along with the quantitative and voice data, transcripts, and a high-level analysis. An in-house analyst walked the client through all of the most meaningful data, supporting each insight with specific voice data.


Clients have access to drag & drop tools to instantaneously create kinetic text animations from transcripts for internal sharing.

Audiograms visual


inVibe delivers self-guided interactive stories assembled from transcripts, audio, and charts – annotated with high-level expert observations.

Listening Labs visual


inVibe’s team of in-house analysts and language experts walk clients through the insights and recommendations derived from the research.

Expert Analysis visual
Report Example visual

Key Insights & Recommendations

Based on the insights, inVibe recommended that the team take three strategic actions.

Move forward with Concept A

The winner is clear. Concept A is the most well received of the three concepts and most motivating across key metrics. Continue to build on and optimize its success.

Emphasize Optimism

Don’t be a downer. Concepts that were misconstrued as more negative had the lowest ratings. Look to create a clearly uplifting tone with both the copy and the images.

Build on the strong foundation

History is on your side. Newer treatments are seen as more risky and unproven. Continue to draw attention to the treatment’s legacy, as well as established safety profile, to increase physician buy-in.

Where are they now?

Our clients launched an entire campaign surrounding the winning concept. They were able to highlight the benefits of their treatment and address potential pitfalls.

The campaign continues to consistently perform well in follow up studies.

Today, they are continuing to use the foundation of Concept A for their website, physician facing materials, and other resources.

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