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Case Study (Recorded Webcast): “Assessing the Market Opportunity for a New Rare Cancer Treatment by Uncovering Linguistic and Emotional Reactions from Hematologists and Nurses"

By Fabio Gratton

Wed Jun 10 2020

Presented at Intellus 2020 on June 2020 by Beth Baldys and Tiffani Shovlin.

Can the way healthcare professionals speak reveal their attitude about specific medical treatments?

What if you could evaluate the market opportunity for a rare cancer treatment by decoding the acoustic and linguistic data from hematologists and nurses to understand how they truly feel about an upcoming cancer treatment?

Well, you actually can. But don’t take my word for it. Listen to Tiffani Shovlin from Taiho Oncology, Inc., and inVibe Labs’ Head of Listening Elizabeth Baldys as they explain how inVibe helped Taiho get rich insights from stakeholders by leveraging their deep listening voice research platform.


Contact inVibe and tap into the world’s top language experts and the industry’s most advanced speech emotion recognition algorithm to get actionable linguistics insights from the spoken word.

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