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Introducing: reCon

By Fabio Gratton

Tue Oct 08 2019

When we created inVibe six years ago, it was because we wanted to create a cost-effective solution to help life science companies and their agencies conduct high-speed, qualitative market research (see Origin Story). Fundamentally, we wanted to provide the industry with a product that would enable more companies to listen to more patients and gain insights that were both empathetic and actionable.

The Results Are In
We’re happy to report that, as a result of using our platform and methodology, companies have designed better clinical trials, developed more resonant ad campaigns, created more useful patient support services, and advanced future drug development based on patient-vocalized unmet needs.

While we were busy focusing on developing a solution that would directly benefit patients, we also discovered that our automated interview platform was indirectly helping dozens of industry professionals in a different way. By accelerating recruitment and facilitating moderator-less interviews, we eliminated the need to have teams of people flying to multiple cities across the country (costing organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars), just to conduct interviews with a few dozen people. And in doing so, we helped preserve the single most precious resource we have in life: Time.

So when word got around that inVibe could help companies conduct voice interviews without the massive resource requirements of existing research solutions, it didn’t take long before other teams inside organizations saw the value of the methodology and wanted to find ways to put it to use for them.

inVibe leverages a team of expert linguists and advanced machine learning technology to analyze both what is said, and how it’s said

Other than a product approval, perhaps no single other event is more significant for a life science company than an industry conference — whether it’s a marketing-focused trade show like RSNA or a data-focused scientific congress like ASCO. Like Burning Man for rave party aficionados, these destinations have become the convergence point and watering holes for the industry heavyweights—from brand marketers, sales teams and medical science liaisons on the manufacturer side — to thought leaders, physicians, nurses, and increasingly, patients and caregivers, on the “consumer” side.

It is at these events that companies debut new ad campaigns from their blockbuster drugs and reveal new data from pivotal trials. It is here that thousands of stakeholders ingest, interact and in the process, formulate critical opinions about soon-to-be approved and marketed products, views that are likely to shape their future prescribing behavior.

And therefore it is not a surprise that these events are also teeming with covert peeps, whose entire job is to collect “intelligence” that will enable how exactly people (primarily physicians) are reacting to key data being presented.

Like qualitative market research, this can be a grueling, time- and resource-intensive undertaking that requires extensive planning, travel, and costs.

So now imagine that a company could attend every conference relevant to its portfolio of products, speak with all the most important constituents about the most critical data being presented — without ever leaving their offices.

This is not an imaginary world. This is the world of reCon, a new conference intelligence platform that we’ve created at inVibe Labs. It is the only healthcare-focused insight solution that allows companies to hear the real voices of their customers, while the conference is still going on.

Like all inVibe solutions, reCon uses the most-advanced voice-response technology to capture the voice of any stakeholder attending any conference, and then we leverage a team of expert linguists and advanced machine learning to analyze both what is said, and how it’s said — thus transforming complex speech into actionable insights.

If the idea of hearing what your customers are saying at a conference about your data or brand, in real-time, sounds appealing to you, then please reach out to us. We’re happy to share case studies and help you get started.

inVibe will also help you recruit physicians (including those that matter most to you), design the virtual discussion guide (the questions read out-loud to physicians by our virtual moderator when they dial in to the inVibe platform), and be there every step of the way to ensure you get the best insights for your project.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for reading!

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