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Listening: The Newest Competitive Research Advantage

By Adam Kleger

Tue Mar 30 2021

While marketing research has evolved over time, we don’t often see new technologies that turn the industry on its ear. The notion of truly listening to your research introduces a way to connect with it on a level as profound as face-to-face discussions. The method is a conversational analysis platform we’ve developed at inVibe, and the results are actionable insights from voice-based customer feedback and the spoken word. Employing an automated interview process that is then analyzed by advanced machine learning and a team of linguistic experts, inVibe adds a unique layer that can supplement, and even replace traditional research methods.

Judi Profant, Director of Medical Affairs for Jazz Pharmaceuticals, engaged inVibe to recruit 25 physicians for a research project designed to understand the type of guidance physicians prescribed during a particular course of treatment with their patients. One of the key aspects of the methodology that stood out for Profant was the participation level in the research study.

“We didn't want to ask physicians to come to a research facility. We knew that wouldn't happen,” noted Profant. The reduced burden on respondents – enabling them to participate at a convenient time and in a less cumbersome manner equated to significantly improved participation levels. “All 25 physicians responded to every question they were asked,” she added. “Not a single physician participant hung up before the end of the electronic interview. That was really impressive.”

Ultimately, Profant and her team “were able to capture the information of the patient-physician voice and how they spoke to the patient. It was representative of a physician guidance experience in clinical practice.”

Profant noted, “a standardized questionnaire wouldn’t capture whether a physician took a collaborative or a directive approach. But in a voice recording it's abundantly clear whether the physician is being directive and giving clear guidance.

Working with inVibe has given us valuable information that we wouldn't have been able to capture otherwise,” added Profant.

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