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Meet the inVibe team at Intellus 2019

By Beth Baldys

Mon Sep 16 2019

Booth #120!

We’re thrilled to be attending the Intellus Worldwide Summit in Philadelphia, May 19–21. This year’s theme “Empowering Data Translators of the Future” feels especially timely, as we commit to listening with greater purpose in 2019 and beyond. At inVibe, we’ve made it our mission to leverage both human expertise and technology to carefully understand what people are truly trying to communicate about their conditions, their care, and ultimately, themselves.

In other words — when people speak, we pay attention. Not just to what is said, but also how it’s said and why it matters.

Intellus’ organizers remind us that, “today’s healthcare insight professionals are under enormous pressure. New technologies (AI, machine learning, data science, advanced analytics), privacy laws and pricing hurdles are challenging traditional norms. All of us, whether you are client, agency or supplier know that change is on its way.”

We couldn’t agree more. And at inVibe, we’re committed to ensuring that these changes don’t translate to a “race to the bottom.”

Instead, we’re re-examining the valuable resources in front of us. By introducing integrated response tagging to our real-time voice-capture methodology, our team is able to quickly assign metrics to qualitative data, identify patterns within natural language, examine the acoustic signals within those patterns — and instantly deliver intelligent insights.

Want to learn more about how our strategic translators and advanced analytics can help you prepare for the future of data, today? Contact us today.

Originally published May 16, 2019.

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