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TrialPulse Infuses the Patient Voice into the Drug Development Process and is Named One of the Most Innovative Products of 2021 by PM360

inVibe Labs wins PM360 Innovative Product of the year

By Adam Kleger

Tue Dec 14 2021

PM360, a leading trade magazine for marketing decision makers in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and diagnostics industries, has named TrialPulse from inVibe Labs as one of the most Innovative Products of 2021 for its unique role in bringing the patient voice into the drug development process.

Inspired by the FDA’s Patient Focused Drug Development (PFDD) guidance, inVibe Labs launched TrialPulse in early 2021 to help improve the clinical development phase. “We’ve had tremendous success with innovative voice-driven market research solutions for pharmaceutical brands downstream,” beams Fabio Gratton, co-founder and CEO of inVibe Labs, “and saw a unique and compelling opportunity to apply an analogous approach to earlier phase drug development.”

Built on the backbone of inVibe’s platform, TrialPulse provides valuable patient insights across important areas in the drug development process, including the patient experience, disease burden, trial design, recruitment, and retention. TrialPulse works by collecting all of the patient voice data, then analyzing it with a combination of human linguistic expertise and advanced machine learning technology. The interactive, searchable, filterable online portal enables our clients to listen to the actual voice responses, share audio clips with other team members and researchers, and/or simply review the high-level executive summary and visual reports created by inVibe analysts.

“By providing unprecedented transparency into the hearts and minds of patients,” adds Gratton, “TrialPulse helps sponsors save time and money along the clinical milestones, ultimately resulting in better, more patient-centric therapeutics for all of us.”

TrialPulse was selected as part of PM360’s 10th Annual Innovations Issue published each December. This issue was established to serve as a guide to the year’s most Innovative Companies, Startups, Divisions, Products, Services, and Strategies from within the healthcare and life sciences industries. This comprehensive overview of the year’s most innovative achievements in these six categories helps other companies in the industry to find potential partners and offerings that can help them advance healthcare and life sciences.

“Out of necessity, 2021 was one of the most innovative years for our industry, so to be among the selections for this year’s Innovations Issue truly speaks volumes to what these companies, offerings, and strategies have been able to accomplish,” says Anna Stashower, CEO, Publisher, and Editor-in-Chief of PM360. “In the midst of a crisis, our industry’s brightest minds found ways to solve issues caused by the pandemic, improve upon ways healthcare and pharma operate, and envision a better future where we are able to be more agile, accommodating, and prepared for whatever comes next.”

PM360 received hundreds of submissions from across the healthcare and life sciences industries. The editorial staff of PM360 evaluated each submission and selected their picks for the most innovative, regardless of category. Ultimately, 52 total innovations were featured in the issue. Within the Product category, a total of 18 products were featured.

All of this year’s selections can be found at:

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