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Reimagining the In-Person Workshop

By Fabio Gratton

Thu May 28 2020

One of the most valuable tools organizations possess for discussing, developing, and advancing ideas is the good old fashioned workshop. This is where companies bring together multiple stakeholders — internal or external — often in a physical location craftily designed to foster open and rapid idea exchange for dynamic discussions and breakouts that oftentimes span hours, if not days.

So while it’s all but certain that such in-person gatherings will be significantly reduced for the foreseeable future, the critical think-tanking activities businesses use to generate ideas, solve problems, and achieve consensus cannot, will not, and should not stop. In fact, one might argue, they are needed now more than ever before.

Participants, guided by a virtual moderator, can review content, digest relevant information, and voice their opinions by simply pressing record and talking.

Enter inVibe

For years, inVibe has been helping organizations reimagine how they listen to their customers through its voice research platform, enabling healthcare companies to seamlessly and asynchronously share stimuli with physicians, patients, and caregivers and then collect their perspectives through a series of automated interviews guided by virtual moderators.

Essentially, inVibe streamlines the oftentimes tedious, resource-intensive, and logistically-complex task of conducting qualitative interviews so that companies can collect insights from dozens, if not hundreds of participants, in a fraction of the time.

All of the responses are aggregated, transcribed, and made available within hours via an interactive dashboard that offers a powerful search tool to help easily organize the unstructured qualitative data.

So now, in light of the current environment that has forced most activities to go “virtual,” we’ve taken out the ol’ hammer and anvil and given new shape to our tried and true market research instrument. Now companies can use inVibe to asynchronously collect insights from internal teams, external partners, advocacy groups, patients, caregivers, physicians, KOLs, and other advisors — before, during, and after “live” meetings.

With inVibe, getting input from your team or advisors is as easy as sending out a link to a password-protected portal where participants, guided by a virtual moderator, can review content, digest relevant information, and have ample time to contemplate a thoughtful response — before simply pressing the record button to voice their opinions.

Ready to get Started?

Ready to Get Started?

So whether you want to collect insights from 5 team members, 20 advisors, or 100 members of the global field force, inVibe is here to help.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact us. We can get you up and running in just a few days.

Thanks for reading!

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