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The Difference a Voice Makes

Physician's Voices vs Written Responses

By Beth Baldys

Tue Feb 09 2021

inVibe fielded a mixed-methods survey asking physicians to answer the same set of three questions.

Two sets of responses were recorded from each physician:

First, open-ended, written responses followed by voice recorded, qualitative responses – allowing for fluid, authentic, and more comprehensive captures of respondents’ attitudes, sentiment, and experiences.


When comparing the written responses to the audio transcripts of the voice responses, we found that Gastroenterologists have a lot more to say about etrolizumab and the treatment of ulcerative colitis (UC), using on average over four times more words per response when speaking than they are when writing.

While Gastroenterologists’ written responses express positivity toward etrolizumab and the general prospect of another biologic option for UC – especially with a novel MOA – their spoken responses reveal a more complex and richly detailed view of their awareness, attitudes toward etrolizumab’s potential role and use, and their own treatment decision- making behaviors.

Insights from the voice recordings include Gastroenterologists’ verbal focus on the benefits of etrolizumab’s “gut action,” some hope for first line biologic use, the attractive convenience of subcutaneous administration, andthat vedolizumab adoption may already influence the perception and future use of etrolizumab.

Q: Have you heard about a treatment in development for UC called etrolizumab? It’s a humanized IgG1 MAb targeting the beta 7 integrin subunit that’s currently in phase 3 trials. What have you heard and what are your overall thoughts on this potential new treatment?

Q: If etrolizumab were available on the market today (with FDA approval), would you prescribe this medication to your patients? Why or why not? And if so, which patient types would be ideal candidates?

Q: What are your overall thoughts on the current treatments available for ulcerative colitis? Which medications do you use and why?

inVibe's Methodologies

We have shared a teaser of our findings, but what inVibe delivers to its clients is even more informative, interactive, and actionable. Along with a comprehensive strategic report of findings and actionable recommendations, clients also have access to an interactive dashboard, which allows them to listen to the audio responses from each participant, along with AI-powered Speech Emotion Recognition (SER) analytics.

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