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Virtual Conferences. Real Insights.

By Fabio Gratton

Wed May 13 2020

Medical conferences are starting to go virtual — virtual exhibits, virtual sessions, virtual abstracts, and even virtual happy hours. But one thing that’s virtually impossible to virtualize is understanding what physicians are thinking and feeling at a virtual conference without real-world interactions.

But just because you can’t see the emotions on your customers’ faces, doesn’t mean you can’t measure what they’re feeling. At inVibe, we’ve created a frictionless qualitative research solution that enables companies to understand what their customers are thinking at virtual events simply by listening to what they’re saying.

Analysis of Phase 3 Study Results one year prior to drug approval revealed an extremely high level of interest and excitement by physicians about the product. Twelve months later, first-quarter sales of the approved product were over $215 million for Roche/Genentech.

So what does this mean for you?

Through our automated voice-interview platform, inVibe can help you generate meaningful evidence and gain actionable insights by unlocking the signals in the human voice. Here’s how inVibe can help in a virtual conference world:

  • Gather feedback from physicians on various abstracts shared at a conference
  • Analyze language to understand exactly what physicians are excited or disappointed about
  • Measure confidence in physicians when speaking about data presented based on proprietary speech emotion recognition technology

Ready to listen?

Reach out to us today so we can help you capture, analyze, and understand the real voice of customers in real-time to help inform decisions that matter most to you.

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