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Voice Research

3 Things You Can Start Doing Now

By Fabio Gratton

Wed Jan 20 2021

Integrating deep listening through real customer voices into your 2021 business strategy can have several immediate and long-term benefits for your organization. In addition to providing a more efficient, effective, and nuanced primary market research solution, voice research also delivers some unique advantages in a pandemic-plagued world where conferences, relationships, and partnerships have all gone virtual.

So, for 2021, we offer you three unique ways that voice research can help your organization stay connected and get ahead by listening better.

New Data Intelligence

What if you could hear exactly what your customers are thinking about your clinical data, product efficacy, and support services? In today's remote environment, where companies' face-to-face interactions have been severed with the people who matter most to their business, it's become increasingly difficult to understand what's going on inside your customers' heads.

inVibe’s automated voice research platform can help you collect and analyze meaningful customer feedback about your organization’s data and its competitors— while also providing an authentic barometer of how customers think and feel.

In the absence of in-person meetings and conferences, voice can also be the bridge you need to make the most out of your remote collaborations with buyers, physicians, and others within the healthcare ecosystem that fuels your business. Analyzing voice responses from your customers can provide you with actionable and meaningful insights that other data collection methods lack. So if you are looking to gather precise and nuanced responses from the people that matter the most, tap into the voice of health.

Key Trend Tracking

The best way to predict the future of your business is to take a proactive tracking approach by listening early and often. inVibe's voice research platform can give you unique insights into lead indicators that affect your products’ development, distribution, and consumption and track changes in emotional cues from customers over time.

Standardized, recurrent voice-tracking can provide your company with multidimensional data insights that explain, predict, and analyze your customers' thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Early tracking of emotional trends through voice will give your company decision-making confidence while the competition will be second-guessing themselves.

On-demand Stakeholder Perspectives

Whether your company is working with internal or external stakeholders, one of the primary benefits of voice research is that it is on-demand and data-driven. Voice breaks through the barriers of complex healthcare ecosystems and helps companies extract the most value out of their relationships with customers at every level.

Advocates, patients, physicians, caregivers, sales teams, advisors, employees, and anyone with crucial insights about your company and products can help you supplement your data with their voice feedback, either on-demand or throughout the year. Voice is new, fresh, and human — and it opens the pathways for companies to rapidly and efficiently tap into their internal and external brain trust. When you listen to what makes those close to your company excited or concerned, you position yourself to be a part of their story and learn what needs your organization can meet before anyone else does.

Elevate Your Market Research

inVibe's voice-powered market research platform helps life science companies capture deep, emotional insights by leveraging linguistic experts and artificial intelligence to measure message resonance, test creative campaign concepts, and map customers' lexicon landscape — helping inform communication at all stages of the product life cycle.

It's time to kick-off 2021. It's time to rethink how we connect with all those that matter to us. It's time we start listening.

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